Wurlitzer 200A custom made
  • Wurlitzer 200A custom made

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Wurlitzer 200A custom made


Wurlitzer 200A custom made, fully restored.

  • New key felts and key weigth mod
  • New amp " The SongBird " or " The Singer " **
  • regulated and tuned
  • incl legs and pedal
  • all bad parts will be replaced
  • better than new.

Note also that we always built to order after your payment has been processed. It then takes us up to 30 working days to re-build and test the piano before we can despatch it.


The songbird is a mono transistor amp with the same circuit as the orginall 200A 

see:   the songbird

The Singer is simply the best amp ever for your Wurlitzer, see:  the-singer

Our averge time of restoration to this level is 20 hours or more.

1 year warranty on the Wurlitzer excapt for the reeds

5 year warranty on the amp

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