Wurlitzer Main Transformer
  • Wurlitzer Main Transformer
  • Wurlitzer Main Transformer

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Wurlitzer Main Transformer


Wurlitzer 200(A) replacement transformer

200 - 117V

200 - 230V

200A - 117V

200A - 230V

Inner shielded, much better quality than the orginal.

made in the Low lands of Holland.

HXWXD 7x8x6cm  1.1Kg

ps. If you convert your Wulitzer from 117V to 230V, then replace the resistor before the bulb ligth to 80K, also if it's still there, remove the Varisistor left of the volume knob (attached to the white and black wires on the terminal lug) which says 117V, you can do without it, it didn't work anyway after 40 years.

If you are not sure, email us with a picture of your amp and we advise you how.

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