VV Stereo Preamp MK2
  • VV Stereo Preamp MK2

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VV Stereo Preamp MK2


Vintage Vibe Stereo Vibe Preamplifier

Whether paired with a classic Fender Rhodes piano or a new Vintage Vibe piano, the Stereo Vibe preamplifier is the first choice for that original Rhodes suitcase sound. With its sonic possibilities, the new and improved Stereo Vibe unlocks greater potential from any Rhodes piano and renewed inspiration for players.

The new design will leave you feeling incredibly satisfied if not inspired with your newfound tone and stereo tremolo.

What is new about the Stereo Vibe?

The Stereo Vibe has been around for over 10 years and we have made many improvements in that time. Our latest is also our greatest; with a lower noise floor, improved EQ circuit that offers 15db of boost and cut for both treble and bass, a much wider range of stereo tremolo rates; from slow-pulse panning to hyper speed ping-pong and an improved headphone circuit (accessible with Cheek Block power supply models only). We have also designed our new board with a smaller footprint for less obtrusive fitting.

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