Stage Vibe Preamplifier 60's tremelo
  • Stage Vibe Preamplifier 60's tremelo
  • Stage Vibe Preamplifier 60's tremelo
  • Stage Vibe Preamplifier 60's tremelo

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Stage Vibe Preamplifier 60's tremelo


The Stage Vibe is a modern Rhodes piano preamplifier that captures the mid 1960’s Silver Sparkle top Fender Rhodes Jordan electronics tone. The mono tremolo is as sweet as they come and definitely captures that 1960’s warm sound.

Vintage Vibe introduced this preamplifier back in 2003 and shipped units to players all over the world.  Today we are proud to bring back this beautiful preamp for a new generation of players and studio enthusiasts.  

The Stage Vibe preamplifier sounds great with your Rhodes stage piano but it also sounds wonderful with any instrument you feed into it. The simplicity of the discreet analog circuit is the key to a smooth round tone and warm fluttery tremolo.  For this reason, instead of installing the unit on a  name rail this time around, we've custom fabricated a small footprint enclosure to allow for ease of use with any instrument!!  Don't worry, it sits handsomely atop your Rhodes lid as well and don't worry, the rubber feet will hold it in place and prevent scratches!


• Custom fabricated enclosure with black powder coat finish.
• Rubber feet for secure placement on top of your Rhodes lid or any flat surface.
• Includes 24vdc wall wart supply


Demo VV



The Stage Vibe is to be powered by a 24Vdc power supply with positive tip only! (2.1mm ID / 5.5mm OD) Attempting to power the unit with an incorrect supply may cause damage and would be considered improper usage for which we are not responsible.

Warranty, this product has the VV warranty, that does not include shipping! 

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