Rhodes MK7A PSU
  • Rhodes MK7A PSU
  • Rhodes MK7A PSU
  • Rhodes MK7A PSU
  • Rhodes MK7A PSU

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Rhodes MK7A PSU


Replacment PSU for Rhodes MK7A piano

The original MK7 psu is very poor quality and a digital switching psu, we developed our own which is more durable and easily repairable. Also it's analogue, so no switching electronics (((potential digital noise).

Having said that, If you have digital noise, it's also very good possible that it isn't caused by the power supplies.

Durable alu case and high end parts, euro cable is not included..


Available in 230V and 117V



You need to cut the cable from your own psu and attach it to the new one, instructions included, no drilling or welding needed if you go for the not handy option above..

Pin 1 should be connected to 5V (used for midi)

pin 2 :  -15VDC

pin 3:  0VDC (commen ground)

pin 4: 15VDC

Measure your pin layout to the colors of the wire, it seems that they have been using different colors. If you have any troubles, we are here to help you out.


DYS (yes I'm handy) kit includes all parts but you have to solder and drill.


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