Fender Rhodes 73-1973
  • Fender Rhodes 73-1973

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Fender Rhodes 73-1973


Fully restored

  • New keyfelts
  • New hammertips and dampers and new VV damper arms
  • New grommets and screws
  • Tuning and voicing
  • New tolex and hardware piano*
  • Incl legs, braces pedal and rod

          available at this moment!


* sometimes the piano has already mint tolex so we won't change it unless you what a other colour than black.             

** we ship the rhodes with a used transport lid, if you want that re tolexed please let us know.

*** Suitcase preamp complete will contain a new VV stereo suitcase preamp with cheekblock psu ,     2x line out and headphone out.

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