Rhodes Damper Comb set 73
  • Rhodes Damper Comb set 73

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Rhodes Damper Comb set 73


Vintage Vibe is excited to announce the reproduction of new damper combs. Not since damper combs were made at the original Rhodes factory have they been available for purchase and certainly not as Vintage Vibe has made them. One of the greatest and most important aspects of a highly articulated piano comes down to how the damper arms perform.

We have reproduced our octave damper sets with an added structural wing form for the greatest dampening integrity achievable. This added form as seen on later MK5 pianos, as well as Vintage Vibe pianos, serves to inhibit excessive flopping motion from the point of the bridle strap to the damper felt on the end. This area is where dampers fail most because they are weak at this point. Yet this is precisely the point where they need the most integrity. An uncontrolled damper in motion will choke a sustaining tine and cause symptoms of double striking.  For better tine stopping power as well as articulation on fast heavy repeats you'll need the right formed dampers.

Rhodes original damper combs can be poorly effective in many pianos due to fatigue and age. The flat formless leaf spring renders many damper combs problematic when regulating a Rhodes piano. Our new dampers with the right set up will remedy any damper problem you may be experiencing.

NOTE: Our damper combs are designed after the Late 75 to 77 era Rhodes pianos as they are the most problematic.  If you replace the whole damper set they will work in any year piano with octave combs from 75 to 84. If replacing individual octaves they will only work well with Late 75 to 77 pianos without added forming involved. If you are unsure please don’t hesitate to ask.

Only complete sets for 73 available, 88 or single combs on request.

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