Installation and Tuning directions
  • Installation and Tuning directions

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Installation and Tuning directions


Wurlitzer reed installation and tuning directions


The REED is the only tone element of the Wurlitzer Electric Piano.

It's tuning, position in the instrument, and how this position relates to the pick-ups are

essenstial to the tonal quality of the piano.


Installing new reeds:


The reed's retaining hole is slightjy larger than the diameter of the reed screw.

When putting a new reed in place for tuning, be sure that the reed is as far back as the reed will go. Additionally, before beginning to tune, insure that the reed screw is tight

(not just snug). Tightening the screw after the reed has brougth up to pitch will cause it to

go sharp.


Tuning is accomplished by removing or filling lead from the reed tip (by fillin or scraping a small amount at a time). Continue to remove the excess lead until arriving at the proper pitch.


While removing the excess lead, it is very important to maintain the shap of the tip.


When tuning a new reed, removing too much lead will cause the pitch to be sharp (to high).

Moving the reed to the front will raise the pitch (from 2 to 5 cents), moving the reed to the back will drop the pitch.

Making new reeds out of blancs, cut the reed blanc in the correct length, file the surface were the lead will go, fill the correct reed mold hole with solder and push firmly the reed on the mold and wait a few seconds, then file the reed in in the correct pitch.

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